The History of Funky Renewables

It all started in 2009, in the small town of Lengenfeld in Germany, when current Funky Renewables director Fergal, Graham and Dirk were working on an EU project called the “Renewable Energy Specialists”. They were piloting vocational training for renewable technologies, something they had all been involved in for a number of years. Graham had been involved with educating and training people in renewables since the 1980's. Fergal had been the Green Liaison Officer for various London Councils, and had long been involved with Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth whilst perusing his MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment degree. Dirk project-managed the “Renewable Energy Specialists” project – a collaboration between UK, German and Austrian organisations developing and delivering effective vocational training in Renewables. As fate would have it, this coming-together of like-minded individuals proved to be a very interesting one indeed…


After formal introductions, the guys began talking sustainability and discovered they all shared similar beliefs when it came to the renewable energy market. They also came to realise that a great deal more could be done to encourage a sustainable and energy-independent lifestyle and that huge improvements could be made to the types of renewable energy systems that were currently being offered on the market. This shared belief led them to discuss the potential of an ethical and truly environmentally conscious company having a complete and holistic approach towards the products and services that it offered. A company that did not cut corners in the pursuit of selfish profit.


They began to visualise means of best engaging people, particularly young people, into the notion that renewable energy and sustainability did not have to be a boring and laborious venture, but could actually be something quite cool. So after several hot chocolates and a fair amount of head scratching for a company name, Funky Renewables was born. A company where they could all contribute with their unique skills and individual expertise to design and install Solar PV and other forms of renewable technology to the highest exacting standards. A platform where they could apply a holistic approach to everything that they do, and where they could help educate themselves and other installers in the process, and turn the process of going green into something a little more exciting.


The timing proved to be spot on. In 2010, the introduction of the Feed-in helped to kick-start the renewable energy revolution in the UK. At this time a lot of solar panel companies were being set up with little or no focus on the overall environment, sustainability or using the “whole-house” approach. So it was a breath of fresh air that one could find in Funky Renewables a company which genuinely cared about the environment and their customers, and could bring to market 100% environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions that did not cost the earth.


And they practice what they preach. Fergal, Graham and Dirk have all had Funky Renewables' renewable energy systems installed in their homes. Green living doesn’t have to come at a cost, and with Funky Renewables you can always be sure that the very best in renewable technology is combined with the finest workmanship and the most eco-friendly energy saving measures. We think you'll agree that the results speak for themselves.

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