Energy Monitoring


At Funky Renewables we decree the management axiom that ‘you cannot manage what you cannot measure’. Which is why energy surveys and energy monitoring are at the heart of all we do. Energy surveys are a fast emerging sector and thermal imaging offers a unique insight into energy loss. Thermal imaging technology allows you to literally see energy for the first time. By visually revealing where a property is losing heat, a single infrared thermal image allows a property owner to make informed decisions on energy efficiency measures and ensure they are getting the most from the Green Deal. 


Services include:

  • Energy Efficiency - Reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint
  • Defect Detection - Literally see problems quickly and easily
  • Predictive Maintenance - Fast and safe electrical and mechanical assessment



  • See potential problems
  • Fast and accurate information
  • Clear and simple reporting
  • Genuine reduction in running costs
  • Find potential problems before a malfunction
  • Quick survey technique without costly downtime
  • One board accessed by 1 image
  • No down time
  • Maximise grant funding


Energy monitoring allows you to identify and explain excessive energy use, manage energy consumption, diagnose specific areas of wasted energy and establish the most efficient energy management programme. Our state of the art energy monitoring systems allow you to track and compare performance with remote access live information and custom alerts directly to your computer, tablet or even smart phone. Make your energy work for you with our smart energy monitoring systems.

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