"Generated by the community, owned by the community"


Community renewable energy projects enable communities to address issues of climate change, whilst taking charge of their own community's electricity bill. That is what should be at the basis of every community's decision to make the transition to clean and green. But at Funky Renewables we believe that a successful community renewable energy project is one which not only harnesses the power of renewable energy to fuel communities, but one which also harnesses the power of the community.


Community renewable energy systems are more than just about generating energy and saving money. They are a way of life which can both galvanise the community at the local level and provide job, training and education through the implementation of this new technology. At Funky Renewables, we recognise the importance of grassroots action in the community, which is why we are proud to introduce the first truly eco-friendly and community-minded renewable energy system which not only delivers the highest performance, but also ensures the maximum return on investment for the community.



One of the biggest barriers facing communities is the planning, the capital and the technical expertise required to implement an effective clean energy system into the community.


This is where our dedicated team of renewable energy experts come in. We apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to help communities plan out exactly which type of system will be most suitable for them and to help identify exactly how their recommended system will benefit them in both the short and the long terms.


Renewable energy for your community does not have to be complicated. Take ownership of renewable energy and let us do all the hard work. Kick start your community project with Funky Renewables and find out first hand why our Community Project Systems are the very best in the industry. 





To learn more about our community renewable energy systems, please call us on: 0207 274 7267 or Contact Us

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