Ever since we installed our first solar PV system, we have strived to bring you an installation standard which is second to none. We understand that when you want to install your solar panels, you only want them installed once. Which is why we insist on only using the very best materials and technology currently available in the world today.


Funky Renewables are proud to partner with Schletter GmbH, who produce the world’s number one German-made mounting systems from aluminium and high-grade steel. Funky Renewables are also proud to partner with SMA Solar Technology, who are regarded as the undisputed leaders in the field of PV inverters.


What this means for you is a service and products that you will only have to pay for once, backed by the strongest guarantees in the industry. In the unlikely event of any problems, you can expect a professional and rapid response. Our aim is to always deliver maximum return on investment with complete peace of mind. We don’t settle for anything less, and we don’t believe you should, either.


Which is why we offer our unequivocal iron-clad 100% price guarantee:


If you find a solar PV installation at the same specifications and standards at a lower price, then we will promise to match it.




Our Services for Householders

  • Free survey and quote within 48h
  • Support with getting your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), mandatory for Solar PV systems
  • Design and install all Solar PV systems including custom makes (i.e. sheds, car ports)
  • We assist you with your feed-in tariff (FIT) registration and all paperwork both during and after the installation, including registering the install with an the electrical oversight body

Other services

  • Small electrical works or roofing works are available on request
  • We offer Energy Performance Audits and energy audits to all customers (please ask for more information)


Here a few sample projects to show what is possible with Solar PV. The installations have all been designed, installed and commissioned by Funky Renewables.


Domestic Install 4kWp 

Panels used: SolarWatt (235W)

Inverter used: SMA

Duration of install: 3 days

What else: The customer was expecting a baby so it was very important to do all works in the house quickly, efficiently and without mess. As the customers were already on edge with their new addition to the family, Funky staff worked relentlessly to work around their needs. The install has generated over 400kWh from September until the end of 2011.

Garden Shed Custom PV Install 1.2kWp

Panels used: SolarWatt (235W)

Inverter used: SMA

Duration of install: 2 days

One of our customers and Funky Renewables director, Dirk has been interested in Solar PV personally because they had a high electricity demand during the day for dish washing and laundry (no wonder with a family of five). The install was custom made using a wooden base and a steel frame. Now, in early Spring the install has a 5kW/h daily output and has already reduced the electricity bill. With summer coming on, the system should produce roughly 8kW/h per day.

Domestic High-capacity Install 3kWp

Panels used: Sanyo HIT (250W)

Inverter used: Kostal

Duration of install: 3 days (incl. roof repair)

With only a few days left before the FITs change (from £0.43p to £0.21p), the pressure was on to get the install up and running whilst also making repairs to the roof. Through a great team effort we managed sourcing the right panels and equipment, the roof repairs and the install in just under 3 days.

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