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"Save on carbon, save on cost"

Children with teacherIn the battle against climate change, nowhere in the community is there a more decisive force for change than the schools which serve them. Which is why at Funky Renewables we've put our best efforts towards ensuring that our Renewables for Schools initiative not only stands out in terms of quality and efficiency, but also gives schools the best opportunity to set an impressive example to the rest of the local community. The business case for schools to generate their own clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint is becoming more and more imperative in today's world. Energy is a major budget item for schools, and according to the Carbon Trust, a secondary school can save up to £21,500 a year if renewable energy measures are properly taken.


 Funky Renewables are proud to have been given the opportunity to help the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) produce their "Power to the Pupils" leaflet, which provides guidance for schools on the benefits of solar PV, with practical advice on how to get started.

Feel free to download the document here.

When it comes to installing solar PV at your school, Funky Renewables knows exactly what it takes to make your school generate clean electricity to the highest safety standards, reduce your CO2 and save expensive energy costs. And our Renewables for Schools systems serve more than simply a way to save significant budget and combat climate change. They also allow for integration into teaching. As renewable energy and climate change increasingly becomes an important part of the national curriculum, our systems can give pupils the chance to learn more about renewable energy and the environment through a working example of renewable technology. It is a formula which is already helping a new generation of environmental enthusiasts become the discerning environmentalists of the future.

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We offer:


  • A comprehensive energy assessment
  • Complete turnkey solution from funding, planning, design, installation and monitoring
  • Teacher training and educational programmes for the pupils


Click here to view a few sample projects to show what is possible with Renewables for Schools. The installations have all been designed, installed and commissioned by Funky Renewables.


Croydon - St. Joseph‘s College Installation 30 kWp

Panels used: Canadian Solar Polycrystalline 250W with 15.4% yield

Inverter used: 4 x SMA Mini Centre 7000HV

Duration of install: 7 days

Download Casestudy

This project was a technically challenging installation as the school has a two-phase electrical supply, limiting options for larger PV systems. The roof structure has a very low loading capacity due to the hollow core concrete slabs forming the roof, built in the 1960s. We were also unable to penetrate the roof surface by fixing anchors into the steel substructure, as they would jeopardise water tightness.

Lambeth College Training Centre Installation

Panels used: SolarWatt (235W)

Inverter used: SMA

Duration of install: 3 days

This install was part of the accreditation process for the new City & Guilds 2399 training course on renewables. Our install was an essential part of the renewables training facility and it had to be done to great standard. There were many constraints on location, size and cost.

Funky staff had to ensure that the system allows easy access for trainees to take measurements at various points. We also installed a large display panel inside the training facility so that trainees/ visitors and staff can see how the system performs.

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