Our Consultation Services

We provide independent technical services and business case assessment for renewable energy projects, to ensure that our customers can make well-informed decisions to maximise your financial and environmental return for projects involving technologies such as Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Heat Pumps. We can also support customers to assess issues of sustainability and climate change.


What We Do

  • Project Needs Analysis (renewables/ training/ service delivery)
  • Feasibility Studies deploying renewable energy systems in domestic, commercial or community settings (using Feed-in tariffs, Renewable Heat Incentive and other grant based incentives)
  • EU funding support & bid-writing


Our Track Record & Current Projects

Since 2007, our staff have been involved in supporting EU-funded projects through our consultation arm. We have done feasibility studies, needs analysis and fundraising for various projects (see below). The experiences and knowledge we have gained is supporting our strive to provide holistic and integrated solutions when it comes to the deployment of renewables.


Renewable Energy Specialists (RES) II Project

Funky Renewables supported the lead partner Embrace during its RES I project from 2009 – 2011, which led to the transfer of a renewable energy training scheme from Austria/ Germany in the following areas/ technologies:


  • Basics of electrical engineering within renewables
  • Basics of plumbing within renewables
  • Solar PV (Theory/ Practical)
  • Solar Thermal (Theory/ Practical)
  • Heat Pumps (Theory/ Practical)
  • Software Applications (Theory/ Practical)


We are now supporting the transfer of the above courses, focusing on Solar PV & Solar Thermal to Turkey (EGE University and partners). We will adapt the training materials to suit current needs (to feature latest developments in the field) and will then pilot the courses together with the Austrian Institute of Technology with Pilot Groups in Turkey. Embrace wills end trainers to train Turkish vocational professionals (local trainers at colleges/ universities).

When: October 2012 – September 2014 

Where: Izmir, Turkey




Fit 4 future with green skill

We will be supporting the transfer of this eco-training from our Austrian partner (CPC Austria GmbH), whilst also assisting with the adaptation of the resources to suit the needs of the UK. As an example we call CPC’s developed trainings in form of an environmental management system in into more than 5000 companies worldwide.

The following needs and deficits are addressed:


  • No/ little-developed competence in environmental and sustainable development courses
  • No learning opportunities and certifications in this field (only technical trainings or academic degrees)
  • No sustainable business development without sustainable protagonists
  • Little understanding of management systems (ISO 14001/EMAS) within most organisations




TrainWind (2011/13)

The TrainWind project proposes ICT-based training in respective technologies to respond to that demand and to offer target groups the opportunity for professional development. European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has announced that it expects EU wind energy sector to create over 250,000 new jobs in the next decade. There is high demand for specialists in operation and maintenance in the sector. Official data states that each MW of installed capacity of wind power creates approximately 5 jobs for qualified staff.

Training offered for

  1. Employees in wind energy sector, to adapt their abilities to the new WET and complement their professional development.
  2. Young people (16+) in their formal training and education stage.



The implementation of the project will aim at:


  • Improved skills and a better access to the “world of work” for target groups
  • Increasing competitiveness in the Wind energy sector
  • Validation of acquired competences for training programmes
  • Transfer of project experiences and practices between stakeholders
  • Increasing e-learning capacity of each partner




RenewVET (2010/12)

Some of our staff from Funky Renewables is participating in this 2-year partnership (from 2010 – 2012) to establish European Cooperation in vocational education of Renewable Energy Sector. This project works with partners from Portugal, Turkey, Slovakia and the UK. Via project activities, partners will be able to experience the context of country’s renewable energy sector and understand vocational education in partner countries. Besides, conducting field and literature researches, all the partners will make contributions to Country and Benchmark Reports, which are the main outputs of the project.




Building and Sustaining Low Carbon Economies (since 2008, ongoing)

This project will work with professionals employed in business and/ or training, responsible for designing or delivering training, professional development or career guidance. The participants will come from the Third Sector (charitable, non-profit making organisations), from the VET (vocational education and training) sector, private training providers & SMEs (modern apprenticeship). Those professionals are involved to design, plan, deliver training focusing on renewable energy technologies ranging from training in Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Domestic Wind Generation to raising awareness on using sustainable construction methods and materials as well as delivering CO2/ Climate Change awareness training.




Renewable Energy Specialist (2009/11)

Our staff took part in this 2-year project to train and to be trained in the following renewable technologies: Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps at one of Europe’s best training schools in Germany. We’ve spent two months there to take receive Solarteur® accreditation. At the same time we supported this project to transfer and adapt the training content to UK context. We worked with colleges, training schools, manufacturers or renewalbes equipment, installers and policy makers during the project. This gave us a good understanding what is going on in the renewables sector and how susceptible the renewables sector is to external (political, financial) decisions. Understanding EU legislation on renewables, national/ international funding landscape, financial incentives such as Feed-in Tariffs or Renewable Heat Incentive and vocational training standards gives us a good understanding where the sector is going.




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