Wherever you look these days, everybody seems to be talking about wind turbines. One of the oldest forms of renewable energy has now become the fastest growing renewable industry sector, and it is easy to see why. Wind power offers one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy generation with the least negative impact on the environment.

Funky Renewables recognises the importance of this growing industry, which is why we insist on only using British Evoco Energy Wind Turbines. Since becoming one of the first turbines to achieve full MCS Certification, the Evoco 10kW turbine has rapidly become a firm favourite amongst farmers and rural land owners countrywide. Their mission is to offer class-leading return on investment and with the Evoco 10kW, investors can easily achieve a very short payback, typically in less than the 5 year warranty period.


  • The Evoco 10kW turbine has been specifically designed to reliably deliver high generation
  • Performance in harsh wind conditions. Producing an energy yield with the potential to generate
  • An income of up to £14K per annum (based on a mean wind speed of 7.5m/s) the Evoco 10kW retains a robustness and dependability synonymous with the Evoco Energy brand.


Our Services


  • We offer a free, no obligation remote site survey to assess if your land is suitable for a wind turbine. Furthermore, we will carefully design the most energy efficient system which is right for you.
  • We will assist you every step of the way during the entire planning process (decisions are normally provided within 8 weeks of the initial submission of the application. Application fees vary dependent on each individual council).
  • We offer a turnkey feasibility and planning management service plus a full site survey for £1,350 + VAT.


Additional funding available for farmers

UK farmers can now benefit from a £15m fund to help develop renewable technology in rural communities. The Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) will help rural communities to offset the costs associated with feasibility studies and planning permission.


The fund will provide up to approximately £150,000 towards feasibility and pre-planning development work to help projects become investment ready.


Next step

Funky Renewables will take care of all of your site assessment, planning application, installation and commissioning needs. We pride ourselves on our top quality service and our full project management solutions will always provide you with everything you need to start harnessing the power of wind. Generate clean electricity without the fuss. Let Funky Renewables help you achieve the strongest wind power with the fastest payback. To find out more and to request a free site survey, Contact Us and we’ll take care of all the rest.

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